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AED2,000 Prepaid Card

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make it_GG_59618 09/03/20 20:57:18
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Start date: Mar 05, 2020 - 2:00PM
Boosting end date: May 06, 2020 - 4:11PM
Countdown Timer reset: 60 seconds
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How it works:

1.     Register
2.    Buy Your Gems Package
(1 Gem = 0.25 $)
3.    Use the Gems - Boost the product to unlock the competition 
 4.    Strategically place bids in order to be the last bidder  
*The Last Bidder Wins!

Auction Description:

You can boost one or more BOOSTs to be eligible to join the competition.
The more BOOSTs you make the more Advantage GEMS you get.

  • Advantage-Gems are compensation gems we reward you during the “Boost Phase”
  • They are only valid for that Competition Bid Phase only

Small Tips:

  • The competitive phase may start at any time when the item is fully boosted
  • To increase the chance of winning the auction make sure you have enough Gems in your balance
  • Non-winners will be refunded with all the bidding gems


Prepaid Card

- 1 Cash Card worth 2000 AED
- You can use your gift card anywhere for Online Shopping from Amazon, eBay, apple store, to Ikea, Walmart and in all stores that accept visa across the globe.
-Works seamlessly like a debit or credit card
-Financial Benefits – cost effective to issue and easy to track

Terms and Conditions:

-Card is valid for 12 months from the initial fund load date
-Card is in AED currency, conversion fee applies when used in non-AED currency
-Card is non-reloadable
-Card cannot be used in an ATM to withdraw cash
-Card can be used wherever Visa is acceptable
-Card used in excess of available balance is subject to a respective decline fee of AED 5.25 or AED 10 per transaction when used domestically or internationally
-Online purchase above AED 30 is not subject to any fee, if below AED 30 then AED 1 is chargeable