How It Works?

Ready to join one of our competitions?
Not sure how MAZZADY works?
It’s simple, just follow these 4 easy steps!



Create your account in one click using Facebook, Google, Twitter or by simply filling in your information.



To join a competition, you first need to purchase a MAZZADY Gems pack. They’re the currency you’ll use during competitions - check them out!



For a product to go live on MAZZADY, enough users need to ‘boost’ it.

You’ll know a product has gone live and can be bidded on once it’s ‘100% Boosted’. On the other hand, competitions that do not reach 100% boosting will automatically be cancelled.

You must boost a product at least once to enter the competition to win it. There’s a limited number of boosts allowed on a product - so the more you boost, the fewer competitors you’re allowing in!

And each time you boost, you earn ‘Advantage Gems’ to use throughout the competition.

4.    BID


If you’ve taken part in the ‘Boosting’ phase of the competition, you’ll be able to join the ‘Active Competition’.

Start bidding by clicking on ‘Bid Now’ using your Gems and Advantage Gems.

A countdown timer will start, and reset every time a new bid comes in. If you’re the last user to have placed a bid once the countdown reaches 0, you win!

Don’t want to miss out?
You can use the ‘AutoBid’ feature. It will place automatic bids for you, based on the criteria of your choice, ensuring you never miss the countdown, and stay in the competition.



You can also directly buy your dream product from us at a previously negotiated price, at any time during a competition. 

Just click on ‘Buy Now’ and use MAZZADY Gems,  your credit card to purchase the item. 

However, remember that this option only applies to some of our products and services. 


Version 2.1.1 November 2019