Seven Gym - Platinum Membership

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One Year's PLATINUM Membership at SEVEN

Reshape. Refuel. Recover

SEVEN is the premium lifestyle holistic facility with 25,000 square feet of space dedicated to fitness, relaxation and well-being.
Indulge in SEVEN  and it's unparalleled health and wellness offerings — including 20 group classes a day. Live unlimited.

With SEVEN you get access to seven unrivalled coaches all rigorously selected to help you achieve results.

Make the impossible history
Make the impossible possible.

Rejuvenate the mind. Relax the body. From pre-workout to post-workout, we’ll take you on an immersive journey.
SEVEN is more than a gym. It is Dubai's premier lifestyle destination for fitness, recovery and more.

Seven Gym
Dubai Al Manara Road, (exit 43 off Sheikh Zayed Road) 
Al Quoz - Dubai

Product Description:

Seven Gym - Platinum Membership

Seven Gym - Platinum Membership

One year Platinum Membership at Dubai's Seven Gym

Platinum membership Includes:

  • Free Gym Access
  • Free Group Classes
  • unlimited free Cryo Recovery sessions
  • 25% off Physio Recovery
  • 35% off Angel Waxx paint protection packages
  • Free access to VIP Rooms
  • VIP Locker with Laundry Services
  • Free Additional guest per week
  • Free Valet Parking